Development PROGRAM


This program is geared to position you to be a community leader, entrepreneur and positive example in your own style and gifts. Learn how to use your special unique traits to help others while honing your skills as we prepare for your regal life with philanthropy opportunities as well as poise and etiquette training.

Women 25 and up worldwide are invited to apply to the Regal Development Program. Upon completion of the program, Graduates will be presented during the during The Annual Christmas Ball on December 21, 2024

Graduation Requirements

All requirements are a product of class assignments and are not a requirement for acceptance into the program. Our program walks participants through the creation of these items and requirement completion.

  • Creation of a Non Profit/Foundation with Website
  • Hosting 1 Philanthropic Event
  • Hosting 1 Community Event
  • Hosting 1 Educational Workshop
  • Published Paperback Book
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Dining Experience
  • Attendance at 1 Fine Art Experience

Graduation Requirements

Program Completion Requirements

  1. Create A Product Based Business - (1 Product Published For Sale Online) February 28th
  2. Create Affiliate Streams (6 Published Articles/Blogs) - February 28th
  3. Media Distribution (1 Podcast, 1 Video Syndication) - March 31st
  4. Become An Authority - (1 Published Books/ 3 Speaking Opportunities) - May 1st

Your Instructor

The Incomparable Grace of Our Institution

Empress Myishola Matthews

Sovereign Leader of The Golden Empire

Empress Myishola Matthews is a philanthropist, community leader, and metaphysical guide who has made a significant impact in the field of non-profit work for many years. She is a champion of women’s empowerment, creating many programs that have helped women around the world gain independence through entrepreneurship and the development of their unique talents.

As the founder of the Iaosi community, Empress Myishola Matthews has created a safe space for spiritual nourishment and personal growth. The Iaosi community has been recognized for its commitment to uplifting others and instilling the values of self-love and spiritual awareness.

Empress Myishola Matthews is also the founder of the St. Matthews College of Intuitive Studies, which provides individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to tap into their psychic abilities and serve as metaphysical guides for others. Her expertise in this field has earned her international acclaim, and she is often invited to speak at conferences and events around the world.

Above all else, She is a woman of faith who finds her strength in serving God. Her commitment to uplifting others and instilling a sense of hope and positivity in the world is remarkable, and her work has touched the lives of many. She is a true inspiration and a shining example of what can be accomplished with passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to making the world a better place.


Upcoming Events & Trips

Golden Hour Gala

Pensacola: 02/08/2024

Our yearly Mardi Gras Ball! Come dance the night away. The Golden Queen will be chosen from the current years class and crowned Queen for the following Mardi Gras season.

Queens Trip

London: 06/15-06/25 2024

Enjoy a royal trip to remember with your the Empire Queens. The Royal Ascot centers your experience as we enjoy a truly royal treatment abroad.

Debutante Ball

Pensacola: 12/21/2024

After a successfully completed year of coursework and self development, celebrate your achievement with our signature graduation ceremony.


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